CIMS - Streetlight Records is proud to be a member of CIMS, the Coalition of Independent Music Stores.

Record Store Day - Record Store Day is a nationwide celebration of record stores!

Psycho Donuts - Pscyho Donuts is San Jose's spot for donuts taken to the next demented level.

SVRG - Silicon Valley Roller Girls.† These girls are serious business.† Streetlight San Jose carries advance tickets to all SVRG home bouts.

Sam's BBQ - Sam's BBQ voted Best BBQ Restaurant by The Metro, The Wave, Citysearch, and the Los Gatos News.

KFJC - KFCJ: Free, college radio... to the extreme!

KAZU†- KAZU. NPR for the Monterey Bay Area.

Hard Rock Stage Productions

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You Tube - Check out Streetlight's archive of commercials and in-store footage on YouTube!

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PURCHASE BIG STAR rental! ($3.99)


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