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What's New 6-17-22

Future Classic

Flume is an artist that has remained uncompromising in his vision and artistry since the beginning, and Palaces is no exception. Featuring a diverse range of artists from rising stars like Caroline Polachek, to established tastemakers like Damon Albarn, this album spans across genres, igniting his fan base and taking him to new heights, creating the perfect launch pad for his upcoming world tour.

Loma Vista

Before Chester Bennington sang, screamed, and serenaded audiences of millions in Linkin Park, the frontman cut his teeth from 1993 to 1998 in his first proper band: Grey Daze. Working at LA’s iconic Sunset Sound Studios, the band really focused on being true to the group's original sound and all their 90s influences. The Phoenix marks the creative completion of their mission to complete Chester’s dream. Play it loud!

Easy Eye

Hank Jr.’s latest album is a sonic testimony to his Blues upbringing. The project came together over three hot days in Nashville, recorded live with the finest blues session players in the country at producer Dan Auerbach’s legendary Easy Eye Sound. Never one to rest on his laurels, even after 56 studio albums, the acclaimed Country Music Hall of Fame member is still finding new creative ground to explore.

New West

These songs come from Lund’s country-rock-folk wheelhouse. And while he doesn’t reinvent them, he and his band deliver lively, empathetic versions that will renew your appreciation for the songs you’re familiar with and pique your interest in the writers of those you’re not. “I’m fortunate to count a lot of world class songwriters as good pals,” Lund says. “These tunes bring a smile to my face and I hope they do the same for you.”


Life Is Yours feels like a natural evolution for Foals, its disco-tinged guitars, tight syncopated rhythms and punchy, insistent hooks echoing their roots as purveyors of rambunctious house party chaos. Thematically, it’s escapist, transportive and in rapture at life’s endless possibilities. It’s a record that’s perfectly in tune with the prevailing atmosphere of this moment in time – a life-affirming celebration as the world is reunited.

Sub Pop

Drawing from jangly, guitar-centric 80s college rock, RBCF’s latest album infuses the easygoing vibe with nuanced political songwriting. While vocals may be something of an afterthought for this band, the guitars themselves are anything but. The album never stops paying off with fidgety riffs, voluptuous tones, and sparkling flourishes. They mine so many shades and distinct variations that each song feels like a pull of a slot machine.

SongVest Records

In April of 2021, 13 months into quarantine, Rick Springfield and his band performed his most iconic album, Working Class Dog, live at Rick’s home in celebration of its 40th Anniversary. The resulting work is a renewed interpretation of a classic. The DVD features behind-the-scenes footage, all the joyful live performances and 4 bonus hits: “Love Somebody,” “Don't Talk to Strangers,” “State of the Heart,” and “Affair of the Heart.”

XL Recordings

Of all the projects to emerge from the Radiohead camp, The Smile (Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood and Sons of Kemet drummer Tom Skinner) are certainly deserving of making it beyond the listenership of super-fans only. Whether you’re chomping at the bit for a new Radiohead album, or simply want to listen to some wonderfully executed and experimental alternative rock, this is a record worthy of your time.


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