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Undercover Brother
Artist: Griffin/Kattan/Richards/Chappelle
Format: DVD
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Yes, folks, this spoofy trifle is really just an Ebonicized "Austin Powers,"but damned if it ain't funky. Those expecting an incisive deconstructionof blaxploitation should be warned: the social satire is mostly overbaked. Butthe film shines in its performances, notably Eddie Griffin as the title character-anorange soda drinking Robin Hood in the 'hood with an afro roughly the sizeof a small moon. Dave Chappelle provides a nice running commentary on the evilsof whitey as UB's cohort, Conspiracy Brother, and Billy Dee Williams getsto send up Colin Powell ("He's so well spoken," says a plasticnewscaster in one of the flick's sharper jokes). But the film's secretweapon has to be Denise Richards in a skintight catsuit, a formula that yieldsmany happy returns to a literally steamy catfight scene.
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