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The Velvet Underground - The Very Best Of


Format: CD
Label: UMGI
Catalog: 656252
Rel. Date: 02/07/2006
UPC: 044006562520

The Very Best Of
Artist: The Velvet Underground
Format: CD
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1. Sweet Jane
2. Im Sticking With You
3. Im Waiting For the Man
4. What Goes On
5. White Light White Heat
6. All Tomorrows Parties
7. Pale Blue Eyes
8. Femme Fatale
9. Heroin
10. Here She Comes Now
11. Stephanie Says
12. Venus in Furs
13. Beginning to See the Light
14. I Heard Her Call My Name
15. Some Kinda Love
16. I Cant Stand It
17. Sunday Morning
18. Rock and Roll


''The Very Best of The Velvet Underground'' is a compilation album by The Velvet Underground. It was released in Europe on March 31, 2003, by Polydor, the record label that oversees the band's Universal Music Group back catalogue.

''The Very Best of The Velvet Underground'' was released on the back of a successful Hyundai television advert, which featured the band's 1970 recording "I'm Sticking with You" off ''Loaded (Fully Loaded Edition)''. The version included in this compilation is the 1969 ''VU'' take, however, despite the cover sticker's claim to the contrary. - Wikipedia

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