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Duke Ellington - Indigos


Format: CD
Label: Legacy
Catalog: 44444
Rel. Date: 03/28/1989
UPC: 074644444421

Artist: Duke Ellington
Format: CD
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Formats and Editions


1. Solitude
2. Where or When
3. Mood Indigo
4. Night and Day - (previously unreleased)
5. Prelude to a Kiss
6. All the Things You Are - (previously unreleased)
7. Willow Weep For Me
8. Tenderly
9. Dancing in the Dark
10. Autumn Leaves - (alternate take)


''Ellington Indigos'' is a 1958 jazz album by Duke Ellington.

The stereo CD reissue released by Columbia (CK 4444) in 1987 contains a track listing and cover art that is drastically different from the original mono LP. A change in song order and two "new" — ''Night and Day'' and ''All The Things You Are'' — were added to the CD while ''The Sky Fell Down'' (Tsfd) was omitted. - Wikipedia

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