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Format: CD
Label: Columbia (USA)
Catalog: CK-53614
Rel. Date: 02/15/1994
UPC: 074645361420

Artist: Stabbing Westward
Format: CD
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''Ungod'' is the debut album released in 1994 on Columbia Records by the American industrial rock band Stabbing Westward. The album was recorded in six weeks of 1993 in Chiswick, England, and released in February 1994. With adequate album sales and touring with the likes of Depeche Mode a second album was warranted, ''Wither Blister Burn & Peel''. The guitar line in the chorus of the song "Ungod" was later used in Filter's song "Hey Man, Nice Shot." The line was written by Stuart Zechman, who played guitar for both Filter and Stabbing Westward. The song "Nothing" appeared in the ''Bad Boys'' movie starring Will Smith, Martin Lawrence and Téa Leoni, but was not featured on the official soundtrack album. The song also accompanied the credits of the film ''Johnny Mnemonic'' and was included on the film's soundtrack, along with the song "Lost". "Lost", "Lies" and "Can't Happen Here" were used in the film ''Mortal Kombat'', but Stabbing Westward refused to include it in the official soundtrack. The "Thread Mix" of "Violent Mood Swings" was included in the Clerks soundtrack. - Wikipedia

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