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Format: CD
Label: SONY
Catalog: 68730
Rel. Date: 08/26/1997
UPC: 074646873021

In Concert/MTV Plugged
Artist: Bruce Springsteen
Format: CD
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''In Concert/MTV Plugged'' is a 1992 concert video and 1993 live album by Bruce Springsteen.

It is part of MTV's ''Unplugged'' series, recorded on September 22, 1992 at the Warner Hollywood Studios in Los Angeles during the midst of Springsteen's "Other Band" Tour.

Bruce Springsteen famously played one song, the previously unreleased "Red Headed Woman", solo on acoustic guitar, then he and the "Other Band" (this was during the time the E Street Band was dissolved) used amplified instruments the rest of the show; hence, the concert was called ''MTV Plugged'' (sometimes written ''XXPlugged'' after the album cover art). Reportedly Springsteen had been unhappy with the touring band's rehearsals of acoustic arrangements, and this is what led him to break the ''Unplugged'' format. - Wikipedia

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