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Grand Puba - Reel to Reel


Format: CD
Label: TBMU
Catalog: 61314
Rel. Date: 10/20/1992
UPC: 075596131421

Reel to Reel
Artist: Grand Puba
Format: CD
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Formats and Editions


1. Check Tha Resume
2. 360° (What Goes Around)
3. That's How We Move It
4. Check It Out
5. Big Kids Don't Play
6. Honey Don't Front
7. Lick Shot
8. Ya Know How It Goes
9. Reel to Reel
10. Soul Controller
11. Proper Education
12. Back It Up
13. Baby What's Your Name?
14. 360° (What Goes Around) - (SD50 Remix, What Goes Around SD50 rem
15. Who Makes the Loot?

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