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Format: CD
Label: Nonesuch (USA)
Catalog: 79338
Rel. Date: 05/24/1994
UPC: 075597933826

Gershwin: Pardon My English
Artist: George Gershwin
Format: CD
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1. Overture
2. Fatherland, Mother of the Band
3. Lorelei, The
4. In Three-Quarter Time
5. Dancing in the Streets
6. So What?
7. Isn't It a Pity?
8. Freud And Jung And Adler / He's Oversexed
9. Watch Your Head
10. My Cousin in Milwaukee
11. Luckiest Man in the World
12. Hail the Happy Couple
13. Dresden Northwest Mounted
14. Tonight
15. Opening Act II
16. Where You Go, I Go
17. I've Got to Be There
18. Reprises
19. Finale: He's Not Himself
20. Bows

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