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Format: CD
Label: RCA Victor
Catalog: 0912
Rel. Date: 06/18/1991
UPC: 078635091229

Captain Blood: Classic Film Scores for Errol Flynn
Artist: National Philharmonic Orchestra/Charles Gerhardt
Format: CD
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Formats and Editions


1. The Adventures of Don Juan: The King / Adventures Of Don Juan (m
2. The Sea Hawk: The Albatross / The Throne Room Of Elizabeth I / E
3. Captain Blood / Ship In The Night
4. They Died With Their Boots On: Morning / Farewell Before The Bat
5. Dodge City: W. B. Fanfare / The Open Prairie (main title) / The
6. Objective, Burma! / Parachute Drop
7. The Sun Also Rises / Sun Also Rises Prologue (Solennelle) / Ligh
8. Adventures of Robin Hood: The Archery Tournament / Escape From T

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