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Format: CD
Label: TLR
Catalog: CD-80380
Rel. Date: 03/26/1996
UPC: 089408038020

Kings Court & Celtic Fair
Artist: Empire Brass
Format: CD
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Formats and Editions


1. Calum and the Princess Jig
2. Het derde musyck boexken...alderhande danserye: Bergerette [unti
3. Saltarello
4. March before the Battle, or The Earl of Oxford's March, MB 93, T
5. Hamelin Gigue
6. Le nuove musiche: Amarilli mia bella
7. Het derde musyck boexken...alderhande danserye: La Morisque
8. She moved through the fair
9. Sarabande
10. King Arthur, or The British Worthy, Z 628: Overture
11. Cumulous Sanctus
12. Foxhunter lig, The
13. Tambourin
14. Pices de clavecin: no 14, Les niais de Sologne [with 2 Doubles]
15. Amazing grace
16. Seagull Jig, The
17. Samhradh, Summertime
18. He-Ro-Hirum
19. Joy

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