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Format: CD
Catalog: 100902
Rel. Date: 09/30/2003
UPC: 602498606476

Journey: Very Best
Artist: Donna Summer
Format: CD
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''The Journey: The Very Best of Donna Summer'' is a compilation of the American singer's hits released by Universal Music in 2003. It features most of Summer's best known songs from the 1970s disco era, during which she became the most successful female of that genre, plus some of her hits from the 1980s, during which time she experimented with different genres.

''The Journey'' was released in the U.K. on the back of her appearance on the TV special ''Disco Mania'' which celebrated the 1970s disco era and saw Summer performing her 1979 duet "No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)" (originally with Barbra Streisand) with Irish boyband Westlife.

The album was also released in the U.S. with a slightly different tracklisting - both on the album itself and also on the so called 'limited edition bonus disc'.

Three new songs were recorded for the collection, including "You're So Beautiful" and "Dream-A-Lot's Theme (I Will Live For Love)", both of which were released as promotional singles. The U.K. version of the compilation placed the two new recordings "That's The Way" and "Dream-A-Lots-Theme" on the limited edition bonus disc - these two tracks are consequently not available on the U.K. single-disc edition of ''The Journey''. - Wikipedia

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