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Format: CD
Label: Universal
Catalog: 9860851
Rel. Date: 11/18/2003
UPC: 602498608517

Under Construction, Part II [Import]
Artist: Timbaland & Magoo
Format: CD
New: Not currently available

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"If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Tim Mosely is the most ungracious cuss in the rap game. Seemingly whenever he takes his turn on the mic, he rails against nameless biters-more than a little ironic since, in our Neptunes-besotted era, no one imitates Tim nearly as much as the man himself. Fortunately, no one does it nearly as well either. In keeping with Timbaland's recent productions, there are plenty of tablas and other bhangra accouterments here, but he works new variations on Indianica-on ""Indian Flute"" the female Hindi vocals of Raje Shware chatter in dialogue with the MCs rather than just cooing a hook. And where once copycats amused Tim, now they beleaguer him. He kicks off with a fierce ""Straight Outta Virginia"" and his beats propel one stomping rhyme after the other on the no-nonsense posse cut ""Shenanigans."" His voice has never sounded as hoarse and wracked as it does on ""Hold On,"" a harrowed perils-of-fame confession addressed to Aaliyah, hooked to Wyclef Jean's comforting wail. Yet here, as elsewhere, Timbaland's upstaged by his sidekick Magoo, perhaps the most unjustly maligned MC this side of Canibus, who calls himself a ""child abuse kid."" Whether genially offering cunnilingus to a one night stand, outlining the ways (""You can take a time machine to my past/ Kill my mom before my birth"") or confessing past fibs (""I don't own a plane or yacht / Or eat squid""), his Q Tip/Snoop hybrid is as affecting as it is amusing.

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