Format: CD
Label: Geffen
Catalog: 224092
Rel. Date: 04/25/1989
UPC: 720642409220

Artist: Siouxsie & The Banshees
Format: CD
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1. Candyman [Single Version]
2. Sweetest Chill, The
3. This Unrest
4. Cities In Dust [Single Version] - (remix)
5. Cannons
6. Partys Fall
7. 92
8. Lands End
9. Quarterdrawing Of The Dog, The - (bonus track)
10. Execution, An - (bonus track)
11. Lullaby - (bonus track)
12. Umbrella - (bonus track)
13. Cities In Dust [Extended Version] - (extended, bonus track)


''Tinderbox'' is the seventh studio album released by the English post-punk band Siouxsie and the Banshees. It was the first effort with new guitarist John Valentine Carruthers.

''Sounds magazine'' praised the album at its release. Kevin Murphy wrote, "''Tinderbox'' romps and swoons with all the majesty of Dreamhouse", and added, "it's a refreshing slant on the Banshees' disturbing perspective and restores their vivid shades to pop's pale palette."

''Allmusic'' described it as

"rocking drumming, drivingly aggressive yet fully textured guitar playing, and masterful, gutsy singing. The songs here are intense and unfold slowly, some starting off less vigorously but becoming hard rockers further along. There is of course a fine line between consistency and lack of contrast, but this album stays firmly on the side of the former; in fact, there's a certain satisfying feel to the musically uniform wall of sound here. The arrangements are less complex than in immediately preceding albums, but there are still plenty of subtle, effective production touches to be found throughout."

This album was re-issued remastered and expanded in 2009, featuring in the bonus tracks an unreleased version of the 1987's "Song from the Edge of the World" and an unreleased song with lyrics of Steven Severin called "Starcrossed", recorded in May 1985.

The b-sides of "Cities in Dust" and "Candyman", initially included as bonus tracks on the 1986 CD are now part of the ''Downside Up'' b-sides box set. - Wikipedia