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Graysteil / Various
Artist: Graysteil / Various
Format: CD
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1. Orkney Wedding Song
2. Sanctus. Voce Vita
3. Hymn to St. Magnus, Earl of Orkney
4. Alleluya, Post Partum
5. Lux Et Gloria
6. 'The Art of Music: Ane Lesson of Four Mynnymis
7. 'The Art of Music: Canon the Fyvtent
8. 'The Art of Music: Canon
9. 'The Art of Music: Canon the Nyntene
10. 'The Art of Music: (Fantasie)
11. Mass a 3 : Kyrie/Gloria/Credo/Sanctus and Benedictus/Agnus Dei
12. Graysteil

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