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Shakespeare Songs & Consort Music
Artist: Alfred Deller
Format: CD
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Formats and Editions


1. As You Like It: Act V, Scene 3: It Was A Lover And His Lass
2. Measure For Measure: Act IV, Scene 1: Take, O Take Those Lips Aw
3. Twelfth Night: Act II, Scene 3: O Mistress Mine
4. Strike It Up, Tabor
5. Othello: Act IV, Scene 3: Willow Song
6. The Tempest: Act V, Scene 1: Where The Bee Sucks
7. Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark: Act IV, Scene 5: How Should I Your Tr
8. Walshingham Vars
9. We Be Soldiers Three
10. Romeo And Juliet: Act IV, Scene 5: When Griping Griefs
11. The Tempest: Act I, Scene 2: Full Fathom Five
12. Henry V: Act IV, Scene 4: Calleno Custure Me
13. King Lear: Act I: Then They For Sudden Joy Did Weep
14. Bonny Sweet Robin
15. Twelfth Night: Act V, Scene 1: When That I Was
16. Kemp's Jig
17. Greensleeves
18. Melismes De Ravenscroft: He That Will An Alehouse Keep
19. Non Nobis Domine

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